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Nuplazid Success Stories, Part 2

Over a year has passed since I posted patient testimonials. Following are new testimonials I've been able to find from different sources.
Renee C:
"Mike has always been my rock...So when he started hallucinating, I was frightened and confused. He would see and talk to our grown children, then become frustrated when I said they weren't there. I really thought I was losing him. Our neurologist suggested Nuplazid, and within a few weeks, the hallucinations were significantly reduced. Today, we are back to our regular activities and enjoying time with our children and grandchildren." (from Acadia Annual Report)
"My husband has been on Nuplazid since November, 2016 and he is a changed man. No more delusions. No more hallucinations. It is a miracle. It took a while for it to work but it is has been a wonder. He is off all other parkinson's meds and is thinking clearly. His voice is still low and he no longer walks but he is so much better." (from
Ann50 said:
"My husband did not do well on the Neupro either but so far the Nuplazid is helping him." (from
"The new medicine is working at this time (Nuplazid), and everything is easier because of it. I am almost scared to say it out loud. There is still some occasional confusion and memory issues, but nothing like what is has been with the delusions. I am grateful for every moment this lasts." (from
"I think I mentioned earlier that my husband started on Nuplazid in April. He did not have any side effects, but couldn't tell much improvement either. About three weeks ago, our neurologist increased the dosage to three tablets a day and I do believe it has helped. He seems calmer and appears to be walking better. Nothing huge, but noticeable. We are thankful for even that much." (from
"My husband was diagnosed in 2009 and the last couple of years he started hallucinating and onset of dementia and sundowners. His neurologist started him on Nuplazid 3 months and it works great. He takes 2-17mg at 6pm every evening. It's expensive but there is a grant to help you get it. I only pay $10. My insurance pays some and the grant helps with my copay." (from
"Carla has been on Nuplazid since December and it has made a world of difference." (from
"We have not heard of this drug, but Marianne has started on Nuplazid, approved for PD pyschosis and seems to be doing well." (from
Kathie W:
"My husband Robert had persistent, severe delusions that ordinary rocks contained gold and silver. He dug up the yard at all hours of the day and night, frightening our school-aged daughter and teenage son, and putting his own safety at risk. After two years I was so exhausted that I started researching nursing homes. That's when he began taking Nuplazid. Now he's more like his usual self and more importantly our family can stay together." (from Acadia Annual Report)
Jodie Wade:
"Mom was convinced that dangerous people were outside and inside her home, watching her while she slept. At one point, she called the police because she thought a stranger was on her roof. Nothing we said or did could ease her fear -- not even around-the-clock care. It was devastating for all of us. Thankfully, we found Nuplazid. Her hallucinations and delusions have significantly decreased, the light is back in her eyes, and she feels more comfortable in her own home again." (AR)

Nuplazid Success Stories

(See messages 4537 and 4538 for related info.)

This morning I visited, a social network for those living with Parkinson's disease. I came across an entry, "Has anyone started Nuplazid?", and read the responses. Here are the replies I came across:

1. "One lady in our support group was pleased with the med for her husband."
2. "For us Neuplazid [sic] is a wonder drug. Billy has gone from being a confused unhappy man to a more comfident capable one. God bless the company that manufactures it."
3. One woman said her husband stopped using Seroquel because it didn't work. On Nuplazid: "It has worked wonders for Jim too!! We had a rough start and had to reduce the dosage for a month before going back to the 2 tablets, but after that initial period, everything seems to have kicked in. The hallucinations are almost non-existent now. What a relief!!! Also, the people at Nuplazid Connect, the co-pay assistance program and the Specialty Pharmacy have all been fantastic. We had an appointment with his MDS last week and he said Jim has made a remarkable improvement. The combination of Nuplazid, Exelon patch and Clonazepan seems to have done the trick, at least for now."
On the Parkinson's Foundation website, there's an advanced member named "Alfroney" who shared his experience with Nuplazid:
"Update - About 5 days or so on the medication. Still have that general "drugged, foggy" feeling. But, I think thats normal with this class of medication.

Sleep quality has improved noticeably. I've noticed alot of dreaming on the meds - but not the night terrors that usually comes with Parkinsons, so thats good.

Haven't felt the urge to nap as much during the day. I think thats an improvement from taking the meds or from getting better sleep. Sleep is now 10 hours a day, rather than 12-15 ish.

Have had no formed/detailed hallucinations since day one of the meds. Still crossing my fingers.

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