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Week 79 // Tuesday Morning Preview

 Apple warns on revenue miss for this quarter thanks to covid-19. Thus other companies
having supply chains intersecting with China will also be perceived to suffer. With that as
background, NAZ futures are down 88 with 5.5 hours til the open.
Expected Tue trades (early):
2) For RO1, selling 15 AMZN call spreads assuming the stock looks to be taking a
heavy hit 
3) Same may be true for RO2 (CVS) and RO4 (ROKU).
New positions
4) Selling tight ICs on WMT (ER after the bell today) (LT1)
5) Selling a new AMZN position with 4 days to go till OPEX (LT2) These usually bring high profits due to the rich premiums that can be obtained by selling far out OTM
spreads, which often EW.
5) Selling tight ICs on PXD will occur tomorrow as it posts its ER after the bell on Wed,.
not Tue as initially thought.

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