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Msg  37070 of 37106  at  6/13/2019 8:32:41 AM  by


Frontline's Front Altair

The Front Altair is owned by related party Frontline (NYSE:FRO).  According to AIS records when I looked about 20 minutes ago, its AIS showed the ship located at 25.380 / 57.428 moving at under 1 knot (drifting is my guess) with a draft of the same 11.9 meters as just prior to the incident when the Front Altair had been moving at 13 knots after having gone southbound through the Strait of Hormuz on its journey from Rowais in the AE (United Arab Emirates?) to the destination of Kaohsiung in TW  (Taiwan?).  The Front Altair is a 2016 built LR2/Aframax vessel. AIS showed it about 200KM south of the bend of the Strait of Hormuz.  T.D.

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