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EBITDA comparisons

 All the NYSE publicly traded offshore drillers provide EBITDA numbers that exclude one-off events (such as excluding SDLP's $200+ Mn 2Q18 one-time litigation win from Tullow Oil), and such "adjusted EBITDA" numbers are often viewed as from normal operations ... a couple posts/PM's asked for a comparison. This is what I read in their 3Q reports :    
                                                                    3Q18                              3Q18
                                                            EBITDA - adjusted           REVENUE 
  #1   Transocean  (RIG)                        $ 341 Mn                          $ 808 Mn
    2    Seadrill Ptnrs (SDLP)                     130 Mn                             206 Mn
    3    Noble Corp   (NE)                              92 Mn                             279 Mn
    4    Diamond Offshore (DO)                    76 Mn                             286 Mn
    5    Ensco   (ESV)                                      74 Mn                             431 Mn
    6    Seadrill Ltd (SDRL)                            46 Mn                             249 Mn
    7    Rowan   (RDC)                                   -16 Mn                             175 Mn 
I did not include Pacific Drilling since it is piddly-didly. Nor did I include the ones who are divisions of  larger corporations, such as Stena Drilling, Maersk Drilling, Ocyan (Odebrecht), or foreign listed only Fred.Olsen, QGOG (Constellation) ... though all of them are far smaller than the above 7 on the NYSE.  
To be fair, # 6 SDRL is hard to compare to the others because SDRL has numerous common stock investments that do NOT have those EBITDA and Revenue numbers included in the SDRL numbers ... such as the 50/50 Seamex JV that has all its 5 jack-up rig working for PEMEX, and the 50/50 Saputa JV that has all its 6 PSLV's working for Petrobras ... and of course the 46% ownership in SDLP EBITDA and Revenue numbers are NOT included in the SDRL figures.      GLTA, T.D. 

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