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CTVA... who?

Not often but sometimes, there are times when I run across a news item that expresses my viewpoint and reasons for my buying.
Over on the DD board (DuPont).post #63... jerrykrause has posted a short but good info on Carteva --CTVA.. published by Crain's Detroit Business. DOW and DD merged and then split into three sections.... DOW, DD and CTVA which has parts of both parents.
I owned both DOW and DD for a long time so CTVA operations were well known by me. so when they spun off CTVA it was already a large company with a good history.

I have posted on different boards my buying CTVA ... starting at $22 and continuing up with a series of buys to $28. Not much press coverage was givien until a major hedge fund took a large position ... and caused the stock to quickly run up $5. to $33, I thought that it might pull back so I am waiting. But then again with the news and more investors aware, the stock could be at the start of a new and higher trading range... so I might have to revise my thoughts and continue to buy the stock.

In these troubled times, CTVA is doing well and has several projects started that will be finished in 2021/2022 to create revenues and FCF in the near future. Check it out. A long term TOTAL RETURN investment.


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