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Re: Another one of those days....repeated to infinity

As an aside to the morning Strait of Hormuz, the guest host on CNBC are pointing out the shift in production with Middle East and Russia lowering output while USA dramatically increasing production. There is a certainty that Texas/New Mexico operations will end the bottleneck in the second half of 2019 as more pipeline projects come on stream. Prime effect will lower the cost of production making the USA even cheaper and more competitive with the Middle East.

So Drilling, Pipelines, Refineries, Storage Tanks, and logistics traffic will increase and create support for a mini oil boom and higher stock prices.

to state the obvious (duh !) now is the time that the aggressive buying your favorite candidates need to be snapped up as these 3 yr low prices quickly fade away and become history ... with cries of woe..." I should of, I could of ... but did not"

Current news seems to point to the Middle East heating up again with more conflicts and power struggles becoming real ugly.
The outlook is still not clear cut but easing back to sunny skies does not seem as likely as black battle clouds dominate the sky.

So let us review.... buying stocks now at or near their lows is the prudent thing to do.... and the stocks breaking out and zooming up. If this current risk fizzles out .. then you still bought at a very attractive price with the best yields that low prices create. A up-down-up-down-up cycle will create more opportunities for short and long term investors than a flat line market.
Up Stream--mid stream.--and down stream companies will raise with this tide. The production of oil and gas with gain traffic and the mid stream companies in the right place at this right time will see pipeline and storage fees add to profits and free cash flows.

So do you relate to "You can lead a jackass to water but you cannot make him drink." One of the oldies but goodies sayings in the Old West. brought up today for those still sitting on the fence.
another priceless post from the modest and shy

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