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Msg  12052 of 13547  at  6/16/2019 1:01:11 AM  by


Data Center + Cell Tower Update for 06-14-19

Data Center + Cell Tower Update for 06-14-19
Yields are calculated on the Q2-19 dividend. The percent change numbers are since the first of the year - with the exception of the change in the dividend. The LTM or Last Twelve Month dividend change is since Q2-18.
The last 3 years number is the total dividend change since Q2-16 divided by three. Switch (SWCH) owns data centers, is not a REIT, had its IPO in Oct 2017 and paid a div of 0.015 in Q1, Q2 & Q3-18 plus a partial div in Q4-17.
InterXion (INXN and trades on Nasdaq) owns European data centers, is not a REIT and does not pay a div. SBA Communications (SBAC) is a Tower REIT without a current div. QTS raised div paid in Q2 to $0.41. COR raised div paid in Q3 to $1.03.
CompanyComp.  Share Price    19 FFO EstQ2-19Div/Div/         Percent Change           LTMLast 3yr
NameTicker1-0106-141-01 06-14Yield FFO19 FFO20Price Pr+DivFFOTargetDivGr AnDivGr
CyrusOne(CONE)52.8858.913.553.34 3.12%55.0949.7311.4013.14-5.92-1.780.00% 7.02%
CoreSite Realty(COR)87.23114.945.305.234.25%93.3183.9931.7734.56-1.324.47 18.45% 43.40%
Digital Realty Trust(DLR)106.55119.766.936.673.61%64.7761.1012.4014.43-3.750.586.93% 7.58%
Equinix Inc.(EQIX)352.56509.9219.6117.121.93%57.4849.2744.6346.03-12.705.697.89% 13.52%
Iron Mountain(IRM)32.4131.732.342.227.70%110.09101.83-2.101.67-5.13-3.494.09% 8.66%
QTS Realty(QTS)37.0545.892.332.653.84%66.4261.9723.8626.2313.734.957.32% 7.41%
Data Center Average

Cell Towers
American Tower(AMT)158.19211.237.717.021.70%51.2847.2433.5334.67-8.9513.1820.00% 25.49%
Crown Castle(CCI)108.63133.315.605.613.38%80.2176.7922.7224.790.189.327.14% 9.04%
Cell Tower Average


Sector Average

The cap weighted Dow Jones REIT ETF RWR has a price change of 17.84% year to date - with dividends its total return is 18.47%.
The cap weighted Vanguard ETF VNQ has a price change of 20.29% year to date - with dividends its total return is 21.12%.
The Cohen & Steers 'Realty Majors' ETF ICF has a price change of 12.87% year to date - with dividends its total return is 13.58%.

Data Center + Cell Tower Price/FFO Ratios 06-14
The FFO projections are from the Seeking Alpha web site updated on 6/15/19

               FFO / Share                    % FFO Growth          Price/FFO          19 FFO Range    
Co.2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 202016-1717-1818-1919-202017201820192020HighLowRange
CONE217265303331334370 14.34% 9.24% 0.91% 10.78% 19.44 17.8017.6415.923433187.49%
COR286371442506523581  19.14%  14.48% 3.36% 11.09% 26.00 22.7221.9819.785305044.97%
DLR526572612660667707 6.99% 7.84% 1.06% 6.00% 19.57 18.1517.9616.946806612.85%
EQIX106310241278156417121997 24.80% 22.38% 9.46%  16.65%  39.90  32.60 29.79 25.53 1775 16487.42%
IRM210198212216222240 7.07% 1.89% 2.78% 8.11% 14.97 14.6914.2913.22246193 23.87%
QTS229261276262265284 5.75% -5.07% 1.15% 7.17% 16.63 17.5217.3216.162722623.77%
AMT410510624725702762 22.35% 16.19% -3.17% 8.55% 33.85 29.1430.0927.7277268512.39%
CCI406459435495561586 -5.23% 13.79%  13.33% 4.46% 30.65 26.9323.7622.755855545.53%
Sector Average


  I found too much doom and gloom on the board this weekend - and decided to post something that contained good news.

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