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Re: New to REITs

In my opinion SNH has outside management who have been generously paid.

Not all outside management firms are bad BUT for the novice I would suggest you stick with in house management. AKA self management.

Look at the five, ten, twenty year chart for SNH and you will see why many will not buy the stock regardless the high yield.

There are lots LOTS of good choices out there and various good and bad points. I also suggest that you do not rely on any analyst or news letter pundits includes Fool and other popular analyst . Even with the company's propaganda the web site with all the information in one place is the best place to start your research regardless what that industry might be.

Do your own thinking. REITS are reveled by your own research and commonsense. No need for secret hand shakes or mystic math equations. It is as simple as buying an empty lot or a house in your neighborhood. well that is a tiny exaggeration but in today's world the research needed is easy to find on your computer. The knowledge and self education you get will last a life time for you.

Investor Village makes it easy for you. Go to the board of your choice ... at the top of the board is a blue dot next to the name. Clink on the dot and it will take you the the company's web site. Use a tablet to take notes to compare to other candidates under consideration.

How to you find names in the first place? well one easy source is your stock broker ... most have a board that you click on like SNH and on that board are other choices like information sheet that has inside buy/sell , or bar chart of 5 year cash flow and revenues etc also another choice that say Peer comparisons. go to this and they have five or so competitors to SNH.
You can then pick one to the competitors and when you go to their boards they also will have Peer comparison to check out. Often these peers are near the same market cap as SNH so you need to check out other companies with different market caps in the same sector. As an example ... you will not find ExxonMobil being compared to Marathon Oil even though there are large number of competition in this sector.

In less than an hour you will have too many names to consider or have enough money in the piggy bank to spend on all of them. So you need to scale down the list to picks that fit your requirements.

One last point. REITs are a general umbrella of many sub sectors. Hospital REITs are different from Hotel REITs, Warehouse REITS, APARTMENT REITs, OFFICE REITS, STRIP CENTER REITs , etc ... this list is a long one. After you pick which sub-sectors you want you might decide to have two or three choice within that sub-sector... the reasoning is that each sub-sectors have their own unique quirks and why not use your knowledge picking out a few more? But only if they come up to your standards.
Each sub sectors can have totally different outlooks so Mall REITS have fallen on hard times and Apartment REITs are looking good for the foreseeable future since many do not want or cannot afford a house and would rather live close to the center of the city and jobs ..also where entertainment and meeting friends is easy with no need of a car to get to work.

May be first seem confusing or a daunting task. but it need not be ... to start out pick only two subsection to begin and over time add on to the knowledge you acquire

SO... I hope I was not talking down to you ... when you say you are New TO REIts I assumed you are also a novice to REITs.
I do hope you have found this helpful. Also a library card will allow you a cheap way to read. volumes and Volumes about REITs and types of real estate. No need to buy a books that you need for investments when you can go to the free library or used book store .

There is lots more... but I think this is long enough for a first reply.


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