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Five year charts...

I own many REITs, Util., and MLPs that over the last five years have constantly riased their dividends and the stock prices has doubled.
These are the stodgy old folks classic income stocks so you would expect the higher risk oils to do better.
NOPE... DO's chart looks just the reverse. From over $100 down to $41 in five years. Hifh risk stocks should reward you better than that. But you been getting fat divivends while you been waiting for your bonanza to come in, right?
NOPE... even down here in the $40's the yield is a skimppy 1.2% .

No wonder there are so many fans running after SDRL. Comepare the five year charts and dividends paid out.
Even ESV looks like a better choice.

IV management has ask for boards no longer of interest to be taken off your personal boards list. DO is a victim of this request. You can seen me a PM ... or MLPs or Income Investing (Private) board.


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