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I think I see why the trend is down

Safeway has been in a down trend for the last year. Here is a personal experience I had with Safeway and why we got out … still on watch though … We live in Seattle and the Safeway is only 9 blocks away and in between is our doctor … It is called the Queen Anne Store which has a pharmacy … I had surgery done and the doctor advised that I purchase a certain support band … he wrote the type and name on an Rx pad, which the office copied onto a letter size piece of paper … the wife took it to the Queen Anne Safeway pharmacy to inquire if they carried the band as the doctor thought they did … the person in the pharmacy, speaking only half English read the note and replied, “we can not fill Rx’s from a copy” – she explained that it was not a Rx but a type of belly band … it did not do any good … she talked to the pharmacy manager, whom also only spoke broken English and received the same answer … she told them it was NOT a Rx to be filled … they informed her to leave before they called the police … the following day I personally went to the store manager and got the same treatment … no one was willing to sell me or tell me if they had one on the shelf … I then got into the car and drove a couple miles to the Ballard Safeway, which is fairly new and twice the size … there the people behind the pharmacy counter where no better at understanding English than the others … I drove over to Walgreens and showed the pharmacy person behind the counter the paper … he came out and showed me where what they had was and helped me select two of the needed bands … he made a sale and NEVER, NEVER, NEVER again will we ever get a Rx filled at a Safeway again … I have a sneaking hunch that the rest of the personal Safeway hires is not much better …

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