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Re: karnes county well presentation

i sent an email to lance weaver asking for clarification on that presentation and an update on whether meridian is coming to karnes county soon.

so far conoco phillips have drilled far more wells what i can tell you is that they are increasing their activity and have at least 3 rigs full time on the cote d'or project, which they claim to be one of their largest exploration projects running so far.

the live oak wells are as follows..

meeks 1. drilled by pioneer as a vertical at the same time as kunde 1,,  shut in and awaiting furher testing.

the following are all conocophilips(with TCEI as partner) wells in live oak.

kunde 1  vertical well

 discovery well drilled by burlinton resources pre the conocophillips takeover and steve western (who was at meridian for a short time) drilled that well for burlington. we have spoken about this well a few times.

kunde 2  was a vertical well twinning the kunde 1 well, well was lost due to pressure problems.

kunde 2 was sidetracked and is testing the eagleford below the chalks which is what everyone is really interested in..

kunde 3 is a 6000 horizontal, conocophillips has had 2 attempts in 2007/2008 to frac that well, and both failedas the formation pressure was too high. in Dec 2008 they id their third attempt and have got th well on production now.

Baker 1  H  a 6000 foot horizontal, only completed to about 2500 feet due to massive pressure problems in hole, conocophillips spen many many months on that hole to fix it. hole is shut in for over a year, and recently has been seen flaring. awaiting pipeline hook up and clean out

Baker 2 H a 6000 foot horizontal also compelted to about 2500 feet before having drill string problems in hole, i believe they lost about 1000 foot of well there with that alone, its also been tested and flaring recently and awaiting pipeline hook up.

marlene olsen 1  is a vertical, its been testing the eagleford zone below the chalks drilled late 2008

olsen baker 1H  a 5000 foot horizontal currently drilling

lasca butler searcy is a 6300 horizontal well conocphillips started 2 weeks ago..

Karnes county.........

TCEI has been a joint venture partner with burlington resources and were part of the team that dicovered the active eagleford and chalks play in kunde 1.   conocophillips in live oak, and in karnes county they have 23000 acres with a bunch of australian companies (3 in all and all listed on the ASX -  ADI  AUT  EKA)  and texas crude energy inc is a private company based in houston and is run by a mr Fluor, who you may recognise as being the family member of the massive fluotr corp on your stock exchange,, he sits on ther board as well as other interesting companies like anadarko (ever heard of them?)

In karnes we have drilled these wells

Sugarloaf 1,, a deep well testing boith the eagleford/chalks and the deep hosston sands. the well has tested the edwards and the eagleford and got flow before formation water came in from the deeps and interfered with the testing. well is shut in for the present.

kennedy 1H  is a eagleford shale well, it has tested the eagleford in a very small part of the well, but as they are devising a frac that will work, the current status is they have shut in the well waiting on conocophillips to devise a frac that will work. TCEI has not got the resources to go alone on the eagleford, so it will do that with conocophillips first so thewll is shut in.

kowalik 1 h  our first chalks horizontal, it was supposed to go 6000 feet but has a drill string separate and  the well was damaged in the rescue, currently they are working on a acid frac design with coil tubing unit to stimulate the damaged formation. 60 foot flares were encountered as with all well thus far in all counties..

weston 1 h  is a 6200 horizontal we are drilling right now, the well is currently just commenced the lateral.

next to the meridian Drees 1h well location in karnes county, and from there onto  de witt county conocophillips and TCEI have massive acreages and have taken up over 300,000 acres for concoc and god know how much TCEI has... 

Conocophillips has drilled a vertical nxt to the meridian dress 1 h location, its called bordovsky 1h, the well has tested all the zones ,and  had a workover rig on it in dec 08..  i hear they will put a rig on it soon and complete the lateral.

in dewitt county conocophillips have drilled 4 wells ..

hooks (a horizontal)
butler - vertical
koopman- vetical
maraldo- vertical

also goesouthern, has drilled 2 wells in de witt

buchhorn, both are listed as dual laterals.

recently weber has put a permit in on the migura site and seems to have taken over the operations there, and has a permit for another lateral there.

pioneer have announced tha massive eagleford play and is drilling 2 horizontal wells right now into the eagleford in dewitt county

petrohawk is drilling 3 wells to the east and has massive acreages there.

apache has announced their interest in the play and have wells on the go also

many other players are announcing their positions also..


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