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Where is MEMS gyroscope used?

MEMS gyroscope is the abbreviation of micro mechanical electronic system gyro. It is based on the Coriolis effect and combines micro/nano technology. Nowadays, MEMS gyros are widely used in oil drilling, aerospace, UAV/drones, mining, surveying and mapping and other fields.
◾ Main applications of MEMS gyroscope
1. UAV/Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System
The unmanned system is an unmanned control system with a certain degree of autonomy and self-governance by using inertial devices and agile inertial navigation technology, combining artificial intelligence, robotics and real-time control and decision-making systems, such as drones, unmanned vehicles, unmanned ships, unmanned underwater vehicles, etc. MEMS gyroscope can provide accurate speed, position and attitude information for unmanned systems, thereby achieving precise navigation, positioning and attitude control. For example, the MG2-300/400 (https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyroscope/mems-gyroscope/er-mg2-300-navigation-mems-gyro.html), a navigation gyroscope specially designed for air and maritime navigation. It has 0.03-0.05 deg/hr bias instability and 0.01-0.025/√hr angular random walk.
2. Surveying
The surveying industry has entered the information surveying and mapping stage. Completion of the satellite navigation and positioning system platform, modern surveying and mapping reference system infrastructure, aerospace remote sensing image rapid collection platform, advanced field surveying and mapping technology and equipment, geographic information data processing technology and other surveying equipment systems, geographic information data exchange and transmission service network are all very important parts of the surveying industry. MEMS gyroscope is an important support for information mapping. In addition to traditional surveying and mapping data, other modern surveying and mapping methods require the support of flight control systems or optical stabilization systems based on high-precision inertial measurement units to obtain clear images in dynamic situations.
3. Oil logging
In the field of oil exploration, MEMS gyroscope is mainly used to measure the trajectory of the well and the actual position of the drill bit to ensure that the well depth reaches the predetermined position. With the increasing complexity of oil exploration and development, oil inclinometers with higher accuracy and more reliable performance are needed. The application of inertial technology can meet this need. The high-precision and high-resolution MG2-50/100 (https://www.ericcointernational.com/gyroscope/mems-gyroscope/er-mg2-100-north-seeking-mems-gyro.html) can accurately measure the well inclination angle, azimuth angle, tool face angle and other engineering parameters during the drilling process, and realize real-time monitoring of the well trajectory and drill bit position. In addition, gyroscopic tools in this field are also inseparable from MEMS gyroscope.

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