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Re: moc Caution on NIO now

The big deal on mRNA vaccines is that they use a new method of generating the protein that causes the immune reaction. Traditional vaccines use real, either weak or dead, virus particle to get an immune reaction(modified Adenovirus, a weak cold virus is used for COVID) This is an approach that has been used for decades and is considered quite safe.

Moderna first began researching manipulating the persons body to make the protein that causes the reaction. The motivation was to be able to make large quantities of flu vaccine last minute to solve the problem of needed to predict which strain would be active six months ahead of flu season. As of yet, they have not succeeded in convincing the FDA to approve a flu vaccine by this approach. COVID provided them and Pfizer the opportunity to get a quick approval in an emergency setting. Preliminary results suggest that the mRNA vaccines are very effective. We will know about long run safety in a few years... Many people are showing some harsh reactions and there have been some fatalities(not PROVEN related) after the first shot. Second shot reactions should be worse. Need more research on adjutants used and carriers used to deliver mRNA into cells--polyethylene glycol suspected as a source of many reactions.

Adenovirus vaccines are less effective but proven quite safe(as safe as a flu vaccine).

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