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FLNG Summit Korea 16 - 17 November, 2011

Snapshot of 2011 Asian FLNG…

  • 2011 is the year that investment & interest in FLNG will rekindle.
  • In 2010, the FLNG Market was worth $492 Million in 2010, but economic recovery is expected to spike investment.
  • Douglas Westwood estimates that $28 billion will be spent on FLNG terminals from 2011-2017, with $5.3 billion in Australia & $4.7 billion in Asia.

FLNG will come on-stream by 2016…

  • 80% believe 2016 will see fully operational FLNG projects in Asia Pacific.
  • Those who believe otherwise pointed out that:
    • FLNG will be a niche production method like Gas-to-Liquids.
    • Unconventional gas could keep gas prices low making FLNG uneconomical

Here are five essential ways attending the FLNG Summit Korea 2011 will impact your plans for development:

  • Develop robust, cost effective strategies for progressing FLNG projects
  • Get critical insight to overcome commercial and engineering challenges from comprehensive stakeholder base ranging from operators to owners, engineering firms to shipyards, regulators to classification societies
  • Understand the lessons that can be transferred from FPSOs and FRSUs
  • Understand the diverse tactics being implemented in real FLNG projects - real world case studies and operator experiences from Interoil Pacific LNG, and Flex LNG
  • Define strategies that effectively combine commercial viability, FLNG topside considerations, shipbuilding technologies, regulatory challenges

Day 1
InterOil Corporation: Developing mid-sized modular, land-based LNG, and Floating LNG in Papua New Guinea
  • An LNG development company with significant exploration potential
  • Innovative and cost effective approach to resource monetization suitable for the region
  • Eastern Papua Basin: an under-explored province with outstanding resource potential

Phil Mulacek

09.40 Project economics – the FLNG paradigm shift

  • Using FLNG to monetize land gas
  • Project financing and investment challenges and managing risk
  • Assessing the major cost drivers associated with FLNG projects
  • Developing a robust overall cost estimation of FLNG projecting overall risk to determine asset and production security

Henry Aldorf
Pacific LNG


10.20Panel session: determining project scale for FLNG

  • Assessing the likely success and timing of future FLNG projects
  • Forecasting CAPEX for the FLNG sector over the next 5 years
  • Critical drivers for the substitution of FLNG over conventional LNG
  • What are the commercial parameters need to make FLNG project viable - will FLNG be a viable game changer for the LNG sector?
  • What is the right scale for FLNG projects - key criteria of small vs. large
  • Investigating the cost effectiveness and utility of effectiveness of a small size FLNG Vessel for stranded fields
  • Selection of containment systems and their impact on RISKEX, CAPEX and OPEX

Henry Aldorf
Pacific LNG

Tony Regan
Principal Consultant
Tri-Zen International

Wayne Andrews
VP, Capital Markets


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