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Re: Energy World

Pretty good clue looking at the connections here of the CEO, I say JFT has it pegged:
From the Energy World Annual Report:
Mr. Elliott joined our Board in November 1999 as a Non-executive
Director and was appointed Managing Director and CEO on 29
September 2000 and Chairman on 10 September 2003. He is the
founder and managing director of Energy World International Ltd
(“EWI”), one of our Controlling Shareholders and our largest
Shareholder. EWI is wholly owned by Mr. Elliott and has diverse
interests including listed investments, resources, property and hotel
interests. It is also the parent company of Slipform (H.K.). Mr. Elliott
was the Managing Director and CEO of CEPA. CEPA was listed on
the SEHK in 1993 and delisted on 30 December 1996 following its
acquisition and privatisation by The Southern Company for
US$3,152.8 million. Mr. Elliott was also an Executive Director of
Hong Kong listed, Hopewell Holdings Limited from 1980 until 1998,
leading many of its infrastructure projects and major developments
(including leading the construction of the “Hopewell Centre” in Hong

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