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4D siesmic

what the heck is 4d??
this is an excerpt from an interview with a ceo owning 4-5 non o&g companies but is looking to buy into the o&g services sector.......i seem to remember that when black bass was drilled ioc was using geomagnetic surveys and they were several miles off target..then somewhere around elk 1 they started using 2d siesmic and were still off target by quite a bit...,then elk 4 and they were using 3d siesmic...and bang....then antelope 1 and 2 .....dead on target! ......so what is 4d going to do? ......

"Toby Shute: In a video on your website, you present "five heresies of energy technology investing." The first of your claims is that energy supplies are as infinite as the human imagination. I take it you're not a peak oil proponent?

John Moore: I agree with Matthew Simmons, author of Twilight in the Desert, that our energy sector is facing the twin cancers of rust and an aging workforce. I think the very subtle but profound point that peak oil proponents are missing is the role that innovation plays. The rise of 3-D seismic imaging, for example, has had the effect of shrinking dry holes from seven per producing well to one, which is a huge leap in efficiency, especially when you consider that the greatest expenditure of energy in the world is the extraction of energy. Other innovations like fracking and directional drilling combined with the next advance in seismic imaging -- 4D -- could have the effect of more than doubling our existing reserves. The Department of Energy calls 4D seismic data potentially the most significant technology advance for the energy industry in the last fifty years. Acorn is scouring the industry looking for ways to invest in this exciting area. The history of energy is littered with prognosticators who said we were running out of energy, and for hundreds of years they've all been proved wrong."

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