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Re: SEC and Interoil

 No need to worry about this stuff,  should you trust Barry Minkow and cohorts, a scammer who scams his own scammer friends,  a  convicted fraud artist or the actions of investors like George Soros who has teams of folks do due diligence on his investments and decided to invest $145 mill in Interoil?  A top 10 holding for his hedge fund.  Actions speak far louder than words.  Soros is nobody's fool ,  Minkow is nothing but a fool. 
 I for one am a cynic by heart and have been invested on and off in IOC since 2004, like others I was concerned about the "information" that was being put out there by the likes of Stock Lemon and more recently Minkow , Sam Antar. I have gone down every rat hole looking for information and what I found in the end was that these guys are professional shorters  who work on behalf of hedge funds who go short the stock and they  think they can scam investors with their FUD.  They hire the likes of Minkow to do the dirty work.  I have seen the court documents that prove this, I have spent hours and hours looking at their backgrounds and the information they use.
If you visit STPIOC's website you can find much of this information, I did much of my own DD on my own to corroborate what he has there. 
In the end   IOC has proven itself a great investment with great mgmt focused on one thing, building a company and enhancing their investors holdings. As I said action speaks far louder than words.

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