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horizontal drilling

Still a bit puzzled about the horizontal drilling - but got some more info on the CC.  It still seems to me like more of a production technique than an exploration technique.  According to Phi, they would use a 'crows foot' spread of three horizontals at the top of the reservoir to re-inject processed gas. This is similar to  the Conocco Bayu-Undan project  (offshore) north of Darwin. 
Maybe getting down through the high porosity/high pressure reservoir is tricky enough that you don't want to do it too many times? You want to make the most of every vertical hole you manage to get down?
A 'crows foot' spread of three horizontals  would also be used at the base of the reservoir to extract condensate/oil without causing a lot of drawdown concentrated at one vertical well.  That makes a lot of sense - but is still a production stage concern, not an exploration stage concern.
There was also a lot of talk about trying out horizontal drilling to help them make a decision on what type of additional rigs to buy.   They have two under consideration, and one would be much better if a lot of horizontal drilling is planned.
So what I don't get is:   Is this reservoir so different that they have to try out horizontal drilling here to see if it really works?  Or maybe they just want to get some hands on experience by trying out horizontal drilling themselves?

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