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Re: The Edge

paul saville does a great job in this blog. i found this blurb interesting

if you are trying to describe SNOWFLAKE the word containerized comes to mind.

''Critical to realizing this value is the orchestration and coordination of applications and the movement of data among public clouds, the edge, and your enterprise location(s). Many advancements have enabled that, including the movement toward containerized architectures and the ability to easily and quickly push applications in a structured way to different spots, connect them together, coordinate and manage them in groups, and service-chain these elements together, end-to-end. A lot of great tools enable that, including: Google’s Kubernetes, VMware’s Tanzu, and IBM’s Red Hat OpenShift. .''

finally if the phrase manage the managers means something to you this phrase from the pr helps explain that.

''Lumen has teamed with Morpheus, a leading orchestration tool provider, for end-to-end, multi-cloud coordination and interaction. Most enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy with some workloads in AWS, some in Azure and some in Google Cloud. Using multi-cloud orchestration tools like Morpheus and tools that others like VMware and IBM are building as well, Lumen’s edge compute can interoperate with workloads residing across the spectrum of the major cloud service providersWhen you work with Lumen, you’re not locked-in to any vendor’s approach, whether it’s AWS or Azure or Google or the IBM Cloud. Customers can use the tools they want and the technologies they’re used to with interoperability across multi-cloud environments.

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