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Latency, last mile, network.

after research into LUMN's latency and compare to cables' latency,  I found some very interesting about Latency.
Latency is really not so much about network.  It is about last mile connections.  If ISP use fibers, their latency is much lower than cables or DSL.  It has nothing to do with network.  Even, some local ISP providers who use fibers and connect to last mile, their really doesn't have much problem with latency, even they don't have a network.  Does that make any senses? Yes, it does, because if ISPs connect their traffic into Data Centers and that will go into IXPs, so the traffic got exchanged, and lower tiers ISPs will pay a small fee for traffic.  And there are many way to exchange traffics, as fanfare stated, they might use Cogent or someone else.  If you take a look Cogent's financial statements, you know it is peanut invoice, compare to the expenses to maintain a long-haul network, and CapEx to it. Most of traffic are all within Data Centers.
I don't know if I am correct in here, since I am not a network experts.  But "IF" it is true,  what is the advantage of LUMN's network assets?  The only advantage is LUMN has some fibers route that close to business buildings.  If they can sell into the buildings, that is great.  But as to long-haul network?  What is the value there?  Some fibers.  Does it cost a lot of lay fibers?  Does it difficult to lay fibers?  If WWW traffic grows so many folds over the past 15 years without using much of LUMN's network fibers,  What make we think they will need LUMN's fibers even 10 folds growth into next few years.
That is one most important question.  Understand how traffic generated, distributed, exchanged.
Many pumping Storey's ability to solve the low valuation problem and the value of its network assets.  You might want think again.  Do you really know?  Fanfare probably can ask his friends who still in the loop. Or those cloud tech, network operators, Google or Amazon.  If network assets is so valuable, why Google/Apple/Microsoft/Amazon/FB who create/distribute/exchange/upload/download so many trillions of bits and their traffic around the world, are not interested in get a network assets?
So many followers in here, most of us, understand very little how network operated, our knowledge are mainly from JC/JS and some articles here and there.  Did Storey give you a good handle of the network knowledge so you know?  I don't believe so.
First of all, he didn't explain why he cannot sell into buildings, and competing with other network operators in IGM/Enterprise/Mid-market, and one most important things, low valuation.
Be aware!

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