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Re: LVLT ebitda growth, etc (fanfare)

play devil here..
there are few problems that you talked about..
1. Gig service vs DOCSIS
2.  Latency
When consumer has choice, Gig service vs Cable's DOCSIS, sure everyone will jump to Gig service.  But to LUMN's problem is pull optical fiber to consumers proven too expensive to compete, too much upfront CapEx.  We will be still talking about it maybe 10-20 years later.
As to Mid-market, got it.  It looks like LUMN is willing to pull fibers and cables might have hard time compete, but today's numbers show cables are still growing, could be just small business.
As to enterprise, it just doesn't make sense that LUMN cannot grow even with traffic growing everyday, but it is the case right now.
Latency.  That is a big issues here.  What cause Latency?  Consumers using ISPs last miles solution and connect to IXPs which mostly inside Data Centers.  To solve problem with latency, it seems that has not much to do with LUMN.  The problems are between data centers IXPs and data centers connect each other with optical fibers.  How LUMN can improve Latency?  Do you mean data centers need to buy more fibers from LUMN?
If enterprise use LUMN directly connect to data centers, sure problem solved.  But to many other IPSs' consumers, that seems nothing to do with LUMN..

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