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Re: Options Expiration Tomorrow

 Few reasons:
1. Stock broke under short term resistance in low $12.30s after Guggenheim reiterated bearishness.
2. Stock has support in mid $11.80s range.
3. Low volume, easily manipulated.
4. Similar action to last options expiration.
Looking out beyond tomorrow to earnings release, metrics will likely change few in their view of what's next. Bulls will point out any positives, bears will point out continued revenue deterioration, and Storey will keep to themes of transformation and 3 year plan.
What could cause stock to move? Any change to 2019 ebitda and fcf, any decrease in margins, or a perception that Storey is hiding something. On a sector level, an FTR. bk would likely hurt the stock. A nondescript report would also make the stock vulnerable to a macro pullback. 

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