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Re: The End Game.

There are plenty of things I do not agree with or are wrong in this posting but I think you are right that the time for patience is evaporating if you are a major shareholder like STT, Longleaf, Walter Scott or maybe even Fairfax.

I would be more harsh than Enron was today noting that they had a chance to pre-announce ebitda in January at the Citi conference and in late Q4. Even if low DD ebitda guidance is hurting the stock, I hold them more accountable for not pre-announcing Q4. This is a similar sin to one committed in September 2007 conference season / October 2007 results. I would vote my shares to sack Jim. I think you could also oust a handful of the board but I would try and keep Sunit & Walter Scott and potentially Jeff Storey though this slight of hand culture as it was termed needs to go and I believe will go.

I'll agree that AMZN & Google would be highly interested. If AMZN infrastructure is going to be its own company 'inevitably' as Wall Street wrote this this week, this would be a great complimentary asset. I think the case for BT/foreign, Berkshire/Johnson Family and private equity is less likely but not remote.

I think the real buyer here is Comcast. With NBC now in hand for last $17bn and a $110bn after hours mkt cap and real financing synergies - I think they win the auction if we get there which I would think is possible and would merit my vote though not for the modest premium you state.

Mason, if you read this - I assume I speak for a few of us when I say that we support your efforts at protecting us other minorities.

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