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The End Game.

Given the age of Crowe and Scott, it is time for them to declare victory and to exit.

The way to declare victory is to sell the company at a modest premium to today's stock price which, in fact, is way undervalued compared to the sunk capital.

First, however, Jimbo and the gang need to line up a bunch of options at today's low prices.

Possible scenarios:

1. A "hostile" buyer. I say one candidate is David Sokol. Yes, the former head of BRK sub Mid-American Energy. He's been cleared by the SEC.

He knows the PKS culture. And, most importantly, he pulled off a similar deal with California Energy.

Dave, if you are reading this please contact me through our mutual friend the sculptor John Labja. I would be happy to work for you at the new LVLT.

2. A "friendly" LBO with someone like KKR or Blackstone providing the money. Crowe can be Chairman and Storey can be CEO.

3. A telecom purchaser such as Sprint, VZ or ATT.
Marissa at TWTC would also be a good buyer as she knows how to make money.

The man in Singapore would also be a good fit given the weakness of the dollar.

4. A tech purchaser. AMZN, Apple or even MSFT.

Bottomline, on an EV value it is cheap, Crowe has failed to turn a profit and just about anyone else would do better running this company.

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