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Merry Christmas and Happy New year

Merry Christmas and Happy New year everyone!
Do not forget to look back at this past year at all the good things that happened that did not involve MONEY or the Econmy!   From past IM's several of you are thankful you can get up and breathe everyday....walk in that faith as you reflect on this past year!
I see WEB completely disintegrating see folks, the eyes are the windows to the soul(mind, emotion and will) and spirit....and despite his forced smile, you can look in his eyes and you see mortality creeping into his eye can see that he is already at a point of  thought that he thinks..."I have spent 60 years doing this and he realized HE CANNOT TAKE IT WITH HIM!" His charity and phuilnathropy aside...he looks miserable at this age, because nobody is going to take what I made...make no mistake this man is no oracle, he is powered by FEAR and FEAR is a spirit, which manifests itself into greed and a host of over things.

In fact, WEB is starting to have the same look Christopher Hitchens has...FEAR! 
It is a sad realization for some, when they look back and see the decades that went by spending time doing so very little, but  accumulating something or hating something. Then when old age or a disease hits you, all your are left with is a pride of life so large you won't bend to anything!

The US economy is not going to get better and it's ok, because its not a right or left thing, a USA has lost itself  thing, a global thing, or even a world thing...its a thing that must come to pass and I am not at all worried about were we are going or how it unfolds or why it is happening and what could correct it. 

That is wasted energy IMHO...true wisdom comes from the knowledge of understanding there are some things you will not be able to fix, guess, bet on, figure out or impact....true peace comes from the knowledge of being content in your current  situation and not allowing fear, uncertainty, doubt rule and run your mind!  The battlefield is the mind, and when you figure out how to win the batlte of the mind, true peace begins!
Merry Christmas Folks...good luck with LVLT next year...really glad I got out when I did and note to yourselves...Integra telecom new CEO should prove himself to you, before you jump in with both feet, just because he was L3!  :-) and second note to yourselves, Integra will not be Level(4)

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