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Msg  36688 of 36694  at  10/19/2014 11:21:26 AM  by


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Re: I'm baaaaaaack

Well, hopefully optimism will beat pessimism once again and your purchases will prosper.
I've been trying to insure that my declining years are spent living in a cardboard box under an interstate overpass with a cardboard sign that says WILL GIVE STOCK ADVICE FOR FOOD.  In order to achieve this lofty ambition I also have done some bottom fishing.  Of course, what I think is near the bottom might well be  6 feet below the surface above the Marietta Trench.
In energy, PWE because the oil sector has been beaten down and PWE doubly so due to an accounting scandal courtesy it's late unlamented and now kicked out mismanagement team.   TMUS because it's German parent is trying to sell it, and I like it's business model.  COST because they are expanding into Asia and most of Asia is still close enough to poverty to like the idea that an extended family can pool resources and buy deep discount products to divvy up. BAC because even the most tenacious of law suits much eventually be resolved.
In the meantime, I just sit back and watch the world going to hell in a handbasket.   There's so many disasters at work now that watching the news is about as much fun as watching the NY Jets pretending to play professional football.
As luck would have it, we have a current administration and Congress admirably equipped to deal with world crises.  Some of which they created all by themselves:

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