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Re: Time to buy Pfizer?

.....call me Mr. knickerbockers, but I am seriously considering old timer stocks such as PG, MMM, UL, KMB, PFE, and gulp.... maybe even a bank or two...... USB is approaching it's low from the bug fed stick save, and as I understnd it, they have little to no subprime or even alt-A real estate exposure. How low will BAC go? Think the government will let the #1 US consumer bank go down???

I think oil will hit 150 relatively soon simoply due to traders and speculators and because it is a nice round number. As it gets close.... maybe at 145 or so, I'm gonna sell some oil stuff that I have had for 8 years, and buy some stodgy ole recession down side hedging "stuff everybody needs" makers.......

JMHO though..... I had thought oil was gonna hit 150 a couple of weeks ago though, but Bennie through a head fake with some inflation/strong dolalr jibber jabber that psyched people into thinking he might raise rates......

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