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Re: Under President Trump

Of course!
However the distribution on either side of the grand experiment will be just a wee bit different. 
Some from the bottom will find a fulfilled and happy life.
Some from privilege and wealth will find stochastics against them on the next time out.
Personally I think its good to shake the dice afresh every now and again.
Kinda like term limits for politicians - it helps add a certain healthy puff of Febreeze to the smell...
Most folks on the bottom would love to see such an experiment.
All those on the top tremble with fear at such a great levelling.
I wonder why?
GS - For myself - I am quite happy with my life - I have always worked very hard and I have always enjoyed a certain serendipitous good fortune in all aspects of life. Yes I have had my health shocks and troubles, yes I have had financial shocks and surprises, yes I have loved and lost and loved and lost again and again, yes I have been knocked down a great number of times - but I get back up, dust myself off and just keep putting my best foot forward and try to put a smile on the faces of all the folks it is my good pleasure to meet in life... (Well for some that task proves impossible - you can only do your best while being yourself! Some things are just not my responsibility and I'm OK with that - that is what true freedom means...)

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