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Re: Under President Trump

...because I do not believe in your false ideology! (Ideologies?)
I would like to think that human society is better when the lucky 1% do not have equal wealth to the remaining 99% - and most of them not getting that wealth through any kind of benevolent actions to others.
I do believe that great effort and creativity genuinely deserves to have its rewards - but what should those rewards look like? And how do we distinguish between great wealth acquired through great creativity and works - and great wealth obtained through great corruptions, bullying and croneyism?
And further does it make sense to criminalise those at the bottom while bowing down at the feet of the modern Golden Calves of ruthlessness? What is the cost to a nation having most of its humans struggling to obtain a living wage while rewarding so many with incomes hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of times more? Are the humans so "favoured" truly hundreds of thousands or millions of times more deserving? More industrious? More genetically or "Divinely" somehow born more entitled?
I have no problems with the Middle Classes being given the most - and carrying the most responsibility - nor do I disagree with the Upper Classes being rewarded for genuine building and creation efforts - as long as they too are committed to paying in on their social obligations and responsibilities...
I do disagree with consigning those at the bottom to unremitting poverty - and the smug entitled attitudes of those who enjoy such sport... (Under the guise of a variety of toxic right wing repressive, oppressive or merely indifferent (Ayn Rand-ian? Ted Cruz-ian, even Trump-ian) ideologies. ...and even a few known toxic forms of extreme left wing dictatorships and Authoritarian regimes to boot.) 
Liberals understand far more clearly that with great wealth there also comes great responsibilities and obligations too! There is an expectation that the endowment of such largesse must come with some social conscience - and not simply be regarded as the selfish preserve of a cadre of selfish, irresponsible and callous greedy bastards...
And it is that failure to address the responsibility and social obligation part of the equation where they (Liberals) take the worst of Republican and Conservative ideologues to task. 

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