The number of voters who see Joe Biden's policies as benefiting the middle class has surged by double digits since June, suggesting that the president's economic plans are resonating with a broad swath of the electorate.In June, polling by Monmouth University found that a narrow majority—just 51 percent of voters—saw Biden's policies as helping the middle class. Now, in July, the university's polling revealed that the number jumped by 11 points. The survey showed that 62 percent of voters believe Biden's administration has benefited the middle class, while two-thirds (66 percent) say the president's policies have improved the lives of poor families.

Examined closer, the results show that 21 percent say Biden has benefited the middle class "a lot," while 41 percent say the president's policies have improved things "a little." Also, 31 percent of voters say the president has benefited poor families "a lot," and 35 percent said "a little."