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Msg  583016 of 585706  at  11/22/2020 7:25:13 AM  by


Sidney Powell


Rex at Quadverum:
1. It is now becoming clearer what Sidney Powell's focus is.
Remember, Powell is likely unable to reveal all (even if she wants to). She is a lawyer acting on client instructions. Not just that, I suspect that the evidence she has access to is classified at the highest level.
But we know that Powell has seen evidence that has STUNNED her. Perhaps even frightened her. It's obvious by her demeanor and speech.
Powell is trying her best to give us more information:
2. I have been concerned that Powell's main piece of evidence is an affidavit from a Chavez senior military officer.
Powell keeps referring to it as 'smoking hot'. My opinion has been 'it's interesting, sure. But if that is all she has, it doesn't prove anything in 2020. Why is Sidney going on and on about it?'
The tweet above answers my question. I think Powell is indicating that COMBINED WITH OTHER EVIDENCE, the affidavit becomes RED HOT.
What other evidence?
Check out Powell's tweet.
3. Powell refers to Title 50 for the first time.
Title 50 (below) is a sprawling piece of legislation defining what POTUS can and can't do when the US is at war, or in a national emergency.
For example, Trump's EO 13848 was ordered under T 50.
Anyway, what I think Powell is pointing us towards is that there is a national emergency in place and that Title 50 covert operations are occurring behind the scenes.
There's a LOT MORE happening than any of us know.
4. EVERYONE should listen to Powell's interview with Howie Carr (1.30-1.44).
A few days ago, Powell was referring only to election fraud using tech in Venezuela.
Now she is referring to the use of this technology in the 2016 US Democratic primaries, the 2016 election as well as elections in different countries overseas.
In addition, Powell alleges that there was interference from China, Iran, Serbia and Lichtenstein in the 2020 election.
Not just that.
5. Apart from Trump, Powell specifically IDs John James and Leon Benjamin being targeted.
There are 10 MILLION + fraudulent votes for Biden.
She says that data suggests MILLIONS OF DEAD people voted.
She has CHEQUE STUBS of people who paid to get others to harvest ballots.
She has direct evidence of something called 'dragon drop' which allows an operator at a computer to make (Trump) votes disappear.
Powell says that the evidence she has is 'TERRIFYING'.
There's more.
6. Powell refers to her evidence including direct proof of mail in ballot fraud - multiple entries of the same ballot, pristine ballots.
And VERY interesting indeed - an intercepted 'call' with 'hundreds' of people where a Department of Defense official instructs them (including Bernie Sanders) how to commit 'sabotage' in their offices.
7. There's apparently evidence of a transcripted call by Dominion's Eric Coomer admitting he has made sure Trump has lost. Oh - Coomer has DISAPPEARED.
Dominion have closed their offices. Hundreds of their employees are erasing their presence from the web.
Powell can't prove it but she thinks CIA is involved and that Haspel should be fired.
And more.
The point being that even if half of what Powell is disclosing is true, we are talking about an emerging scandal of historic proportions.
8. Easily the worst crime in US history.
But as Powell says, it's also a GLOBAL scandal.
This is the best interview Powell has done. She speaks with confidence, is calm and refers to specific evidence where she can. But you can hear the alarm in her voice.
Powell is extremely worried at what she has seen. And ANGRY.
9. One last thing I found interesting.
Howie Carr makes the important point that with evidence pouring in and the staggering dimensions of the case, will Powell have enough time to complete her investigation?
Powell says she think she will.
Now maybe it's just me, but Powell seems to have found red hot evidence VERY fast.
That suggests to me that Powell may be getting evidence that has already been collected and vetted. Let's just say, from 'others'.
10. Some of the evidence can't be found in just 2-3 weeks, from a standing start.
Makes sense. Powell is likely part of a team, each member responsible for putting into place a pre-prepared plan.
That's how I see it anyway.
I think Powell is now finalizing her case, getting her evidence ducks in a row and may well be waiting for a 'GO' order from others.
December 8 or 14 are the next key deadlines. Powell will need her MOABs to drop before then - at least 2 weeks beforehand.

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