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Re: I am BACK

 Frankly, i get bored.---------So cockroach's is all i get to play with...and.....expose. And pointing out the hypocrisy so ingrained in them- hypocrisy of the kind even they don't realize themselves!............Well, it might sound too rural, but i feel downright stately keeping the poor dishonest fools honest so- even if by rebuttal only.-----------------------------------------------------------------------It irks them. I have done my job. (wink)----------------------all in fun and entertainment, folks.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TRUMP SO SOON IN A LANDSLIDE COMING, FOLKS! We got this.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "They" are tearing the hair out, folks.......worry-worts with a plastic puppet-biden cause....MSM full-court-driven. Biden is mentally frail and anything but articulate anymore. A caricature of a candidate, ffs. One truly empty suit.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------America should exhale after trump wins. Biden is/was THE most mental-faculty-failing victim of ageing there has ever been. And ffs, GOD BLESS HIM!--------------------------------------------------I feel bad FOR him that his handlers didn't head this thing off at the pass one long while ago.-----------------------It's so evil to the biden family imo. WTF is his wife thinking??????????????? (what a biotch!)
Half of Teacher Prep Programs In New Jersey Get "F's." - NJ Left Behind

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