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Re: if warren or any dem is elected, is it the end of the economy??

 the economy was weak, but the market was bouyed by the housing bubble still ongoing, but weakening in 2008.  In Sept, the housing market cracked, WHY THEN is still debatable.
 But if we believe that Wall Street is aligned with the dems as many of them were and still are, and if one believes that the dems only talk about hating wall street to help stir up the masses into believing the dems really care about the non-rich, then who is to say, while wall street is being savaged by the dems publicly, that they aren't actually working in concert with the dems cause by doing so, they buy themselves PROTECTION against anything actually happening to them.
  And I say this because we have seen how the dems go after a business they truly do not like, and that does not kow-tow to their liberal demands.   They go after them in order to kill them off if they can, but at least try to damage them.
  and if we don't think wall street and the big banks don't recognize this, look at what the dems in NY are going to the NRA.   In NY, they have threatened the insurance companies, banks that those that dare to do business with the NRA are facing 'consequences' for daring to do so.  IE< you better not or we are coming for you.  And its working...   Again, you don't think wall street is aware of how this works?
 So for me, if the dems want a recession, wall street will find a way to make it happen, and Trump will be blamed...   and all the while, those on wall street will simply ignore all the political posturing by they dems, cause they know full well, as long as they help the dems out, nothing will happen to them...  nothing...
 and of course, since wall street is likely to be part and parcel of any market selloff, the odds of themselves being 'positioned/protected' BEFORE it gets serious is highly likely. Again, that would never be investigated.  And even better, all the little people who wall street tells to just stay fully invested cause it will 'always come back' will stay, and then become unwitting pawns in the blame game for the pain their accounts are going thru..
   yep, connect the dots, and the game can be seen for what it is, how it will be played out before it even begins. 

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