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Re: Bought at Monday's close $37.99

Yes it can be desperately scary when you have a job that takes an hour to get there and an hour back after working all day with a 30 min. lunch time. Very hard to then have a second job unless very close to your main job. Also if you physically work hard there is little energy left over for a second job. You skimp and keep your expenses down as much as you can and despite all your best efforts you still end up with no money with 5 days still left before payday.

Trying to live on the kindness of strangers is very chancy and often has degrading strings attached. When you are desperate it is obvious and makes you a target for predators. ... like offering you a minimum wage when everyone else gets better pay. Or charges you for a required uniform and parking spot.

It is like once you hit hard times the system works to keep you down.

they would tax each breath you take if they could figure out how to meter air.
Now there is an idea to make extra money. Too bad I am too busy to invent this.


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