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Re: Bought at Monday's close $37.99

when I moved from my parents nice comfortable heated and ac home into my own very
humble abode,,, I could not afford both electric for the lights and gas for the furnace . I was just too poor. so I would turn down the gas when I wasn't there
and would turn on the heat to take a shower when returning home from working 11 hour
work day. and would sleep on an electric blanket to stay warm as the heat was turned
way down. my motto during this depression was " I will be poor no more" . It took
a lot of hard work,,, and scrimping . I worked at the time 6 days a week. and had two
jobs to just support myself. it took a while ,, but I am poor no more....

I still watch my pennies... and still pick them up when I come across them lying
in the street, sidewalk or where ever. I remember having sometimes less that $2 to
spend on food for each workday. Thank God for McDonalds,, and there $.35 hamburger.

couldn't afford fries.but Mickey D was the meal plan every nite for a long time.

all the above is true,,,, nothing embellished or made up.. wow ,, those were the days...

be well bear,,,, hibernate well,,, I am going to the beach for the winter.....
as I am poor no more!!!!

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