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Msg  653 of 665  at  9/23/2019 3:40:37 AM  by


The following message was updated on 9/23/2019 4:11:03 AM.

First day of Autumn

Looks like summer is still going strong. A reluctant guest to leave.

I noticed that the mosquitos have not even started to pack their luggage yet.

today's forecast. 72 to 88 with chance of scattered showers

However the days keep getting shorter with sunrise later and sunset earlier.

Our earth planet is so different from many other planets due to ancient history events.
Our oceans are getting more acidic and more polluted with trash and industries dumping waste and our climate warmer.
Major deserts are slowly expanding .
We seem to be the culprit vs other sources.
There are more people alive today than ever before.
Farm land is shrinking as population, industry, transportation grows.
The growth of entertainment and tech. gadgets has affected the time spent on education, exercise and started a trend toward isolation.
Ironically the sports fan spend more time sitting before the TV, drinking and eating , than actually doing the sport themselves.

Anyway those are the causes for the grim bleak future that the news of 2250 broadcast gave for their first day of autumn when they reported that the sky was not as blue as before. Less oxygen being produced by plants around the world on land and the oceans.

We are at risk of being more like VENUS than MARS


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