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Re: Gold...

A global market exists for physical gold, i.e., the real thing that you cannot print up on a brokerage statement.
Money talks, but gold never lies.
If people ever get clear in their heads that the government is deliberately undermining the dollar and decide to exchange their dollars for physical gold, any attempted manipulation of the gold price by the government will quickly be rendered meaningless
Just imagine what would happen if everyone bought 1 oz, let alone if the investor class, people who might buy hundreds of ounces, got involved in the market.
The central banks are sellers...we all know that.
So what?
It's a market, they own gold, so they are free to sell.
I, on the other hand, am free to buy, and since I am still a buyer, the cheaper it is, the better I like it.
I only wish they'd "manipulate" the price of oil lower, too.
Bottom line, anyone who thinks the price is too low should consider it a favor, in my opinion, unless forced by circumstances to sell.

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