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Re: Ginsburg's Judgment

Thanks. It's fun to shoot the breeze here a little.

Just a little slow down here with the pandemic, so dropping in a bit more until things get busy again. Things are reopening more and more though there is a nervousness about doing so. It appears the government here is aware of the damage done to their economy and it apparent is pretty bad, so they are anxious to lift restrictions, especially ones that affect the economy in profound ways. I teach my classes online as all schools are still closed and none are legally allowed to be meeting in-person. Hate it, but that is the current situation as it has been since mid-March.

None of us have knowingly gotten the virus, but they don't test much here, and I get the impression that those who need hospitalization don't get good treatment. They certainly don't seem to understand the value of early HCQ cocktail treatment that would probably save a lot of lives. Then again, they don't seem to embrace that in the USA either. Probably a good reason why both countries have so many deaths imo, but there are many variables and disagreements abound on all that. Nothing I can do about that. Not that it matters. I am not old but old enough to die. Aren't we all?

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