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Msg  1163444 of 1177610  at  9/28/2020 4:25:43 PM  by


Re: Ginsburg's Judgment

TBH, she still seemed more lucid mentally than Biden...and he wants us all to pretend he has 4 good years left in the tank when he has already passed the point of no return. He says some outstandingly crazy stuff, sometimes even what seems to be gibberish. That is not to make any comparisons with his political rival in this race, but were Biden our only choice, I still wouldn't be comfortable in any way with him being in the role of President of the United States regardless of his political views. I know I wouldn't trust him to be my financial advisor or counselor for any topic nor would I hand him the red button for launching the American nuclear arsenal. I certainly wouldn't leave him alone in a room with a fairly attractive woman, especially a female child.

It sure seems that he is a front-man for Kamala, and should they manage to successfully steal the election as planned, he will pull a Scalia-pillowface-morning before the end of his first term, probably in the first year, and Kamala will receive her intended and pre-planned coronation. When he gets his sudden wakeup call to lie under the daisies, the media will quickly remark how they "probably should have seen this coming, but we were so enthralled with his youthful appearance and his rightful opportunity to finally sit in the Oval Office, that we just were blind to the fact that Old Joe was just so old and so close to the end of the road, and who can blame us for such an altruistic sentiment?"

I digress slightly. RGB was duped by the Swamp into thinking Trump had no chance of defeating Hillary, and Hillary believed it, and the FBI believed it, and the Obama gang believed it, and all the Dems believed it, and even some Repubs believed it. But they underestimated the fact that their positions to the left were too far left to win. They were close, but they were wrong. And they are even further left in this election. They'll have to stuff a lot of those mail-in ballots to overcome the surprising swell of support for Trump this election. The Dems apparently think that abandoning the center will somehow result in a better outcome. If the election is allowed to run fairly, Biden will be defeated handily in this thing. The center is not leaning anywhere near as far left as they've tilted. And that is why they continue to struggle to win fair elections.

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