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Re: Lenticular market...

<<...it makes me question (like tao questioned) his approach to trading and the reality of the stock market today...though my long positions elsewhere balance my overall portfolio of assets>>
My only long positions are the house, some metal, my guitars,..
There is also, indirectly, my wife's business, which is very cyclical, but that is still booming.
Each month I allocate the cash that business generates to my latest "one-decision" asset, a money market bank account, and I just did so again yesterday.
So, hypothetically, Wall Street has to open 2 or 3 new IRA accounts every month just to replace our business.
Based upon what I'm seeing in the stock market, though, they are having few problems doing so.
The bearish spin on this "data" would be that my wife's business is outperforming and therefore unrepresentative of the market, and I believe that may well be part of it.
I also think the economy in NJ may be outperforming the country in general.
She got a call yesterday from a professional associate whose client list formerly included a couple of large players in the real estate sector who wants work.
She tells me salaries and rates for contractors are firm/rising, however, and that her best candidates are fielding multiple job offers.
By contrast, older workers are still getting pushed out by corporations, as always, and some of them have basically retired without realizing they've done so.
The economy is going to look very different depending upon where you sit.
For every boat that is lifted by the rising tide, there seems to be one that is getting swamped or scuttled.

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