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Re: Full on Bear Mode

Crazy day and I posted the video from El Pres (Barstool Sports) yesterday where he sold when he meant to buy Abbott. It cost him $40K. What people don't realize is its mice nuts as he's probably worth $50 Million.

Well today I went to double my position with IWM puts and pulled an El Pres selling by mistake. Totally lucked out because I grabbed about $700 in profits and even though the market tanked IWM rose into the close. I was able to buy back 20 puts near the close of the IWM $114 back near my original purchase of $3.14. So much for shooting fish in a barrel.

I'm learning this is a full time job and its just to difficult with weeklies not to be on top of things. Total shit show for my trading last week and into this week. Losses were only $4-$5K, but with this volatility a good trader could have made a fortune. Well still way up over the last month for me, but what could of been pisses me off. Now burn it down though I wish I had a bigger position then 20 puts.

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