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Cramer's take on BMY


Finally there's uber Cramer fave, Bristol-Myers (BMY) . For the longest time we have heard Merck's (MRK) Keytruda anti-cancer franchise beating that of Bristol-Myers. Today Bristol revealed that its Opdivo and Yervoy medicines, when taken together, met the end goal of extending the life of untreated lung cancer patients.

I think that this immunotherapy win is still one more reason to own the stock of Bristol-Myers which is buying Celgene (CELG) in what will be an incredible combination. And yet the company sells for less than 12 times earnings. I have been urging people to buy the stock of this company run so ably by Dr. Giovanni Caforio. I have been a broken record and I feel very lonely.

No matter, with its anti-cancer franchise so strong, and its management so brilliant, this stock can make you a lot more money than your index fund and still give you a 3% yield. You think there's a slowdown. Buy Bristol-Myers. You think there's no hope to the trade war? Buy Bristol-Myers. You think Brexit's going to wreak havoc on the world's economies. Buy Bristol-Myers. You think the Fed is going to hike or isn't going to hike, buy Bristol-Myers.


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