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bankbuyer false accusations

A number of IV posters have alerted me to a number of defamatory and false statements made against my person by a poster under the handle bankbuyer on several IV boards, most notably the PWE board among others.
Due to having this individual on ignore (due to previous trolling conduct) I was not aware that he has made several false assertions that I had acquired and promoted the shares of Penn West Energy at $8 to $12 per share, this accusation is completely baseless as my involvement with the company commenced in late 2014 when the stock was trading in the $4s (CAD) range, accordingly I have acquired shares in the company at a stock price ranging from the $4s to the $2s (CAD). More importantly, this individual has made an utterly unfounded and false pump and dump accusation in relation to my trading activity. This is yet another false and malicious accusation, as a matter of fact, I have not sold a single share in Penn West Energy since I opened a position in the stock 18 months ago.
I am not sure what's motivating those accusations, perhaps is it just gratuitous maliciousness, or perhaps a more sinister character assassination campaign, unfortunately the latter appears to be more likely due to the sheer number of false and disparaging posts (at least 30 over the last couple of months). It is my policy not to engage with trolls, however when the posts escalate from the empty insults to accusations of criminal pump and dump, a clarification is in order. I have asked the website administrator to take the necessary action to remedy the situation, and I would like to thank those that brought those violations to my attention, should similar criminal accusations continue, I would appreciate being notified.     
Nawar Alsaadi 
PS. I don't usually read or post on this message board, if anyone would like to reach me regarding the above, feel free to send me a PM.

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