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Re: To you Nawar haters

Truth, thank you for the kind words. There are countless reasons why someone would hide behind a screen and bash someone else, it could be jealousy, hate, anger, mental disease, a feeling of inadequacy, predisposition to aggression, plans to destroy the site (in this case IV). Some may even have the delusion that they are doing a service to warn against what they perceive to be a genuine evil spirit! No matter the reason, what turns those people from the casual hater (luscar) type to the stalker type (joemony) is their inability to provoke me. I have been posting on message boards since 1997, and I tell you I have seen it all. There is nothing that destroys a hater more then ignoring them, and the more you ignore them the more they will come with more obscene accusations and insults all in the faint hope of getting a reaction from you, an ounce of attention, but alas no such attention is coming nor will it come. This tasteful slogan says it best:
Hence, no worries truth, I will continue to share my research and my analysis on oil and Penn West on IV, and the users of this site are free to use (or not to use) this information as they see fit.   

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