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Panic rules

With headlines and multiple headlines coming daily regarding vaping deaths, vaping bans, etc., many MO shareholders are in full scale panic mode and/or pure defensive selling mode.  Lost in the reporting is the fact the JUUL was first introduced in 2015 and widely used internationally by 2017.  So why haven't vapers been dying in droves since 2017?  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize it's likely not JUUL products but counterfeit, black market and THC products that are the culprit.  The CDC isn't helping by taking so long to reach that conclusion but is likely being hampered by teens, fearful of admitting THC use, falsely claiming they only vaped nicotine products.
Yesterday's action in MO was a bit scary but by the end of the day, 5 year support levels held and MO had a fairly decent bounce off the $39.30 intraday low, closing at $40.12.  For candlestick fans, that made for a fairly bullish daily candle.  More importantly, if MO can make a bit of a move up today, it will make a bullish closing weekly candle.  MO remains in the lower range of a downward channel.  [chart below]
While purely anecdotal, below is a post made by a long term UK vaper and his/her personal experience expounding on the virtues of vaping vs. tobacco and the negative impact that vaping has on drug companies
nicotine replacement therapies:
I began vaping in the UK after Cancer UK concluded, at that time, the most scientific study to date of vaping nicotine e-juice. The conclusions convinced me it was a much safer alternative to cigarettes and, after 2 years, I have never had another cigarette and have been able to reduce my nicotine intake from 21mg to 3mg using a vape device. I have tried the patch but it irritates my skin way too much. My UK doctors were delighted that I had made the switch but upon coming back to the US, the doctors have tried to get me to use pills, patches, gum..anything but vape. Patches and gum cost about $40 for a monthly supply and vaping is about $10-15. In Europe, the juice is highly controlled and the US brands were considered among the safest...even in Europe. In fact, in the UK, you were able to get a free vape pen and one month supply of nicotine juice compliments of the national health service. I think in the US, this is about big money and big control as the pharma industry stands to lose quite a bit of money from their nicotine replacement therapies. Even the US studies have shown conclusively that Vaping is a much safer alternative than tobacco...but nothing is safer than quitting altogether. This is just my two cents worth.
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