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Your tax dollars at work

Clip from Reuters on new FDA proposed rules:
"Cigarette packages would have to carry colored photos about half their size and outline lesser known health risks such as bladder cancer, diabetes, erectile dysfunction and conditions that can cause blindness, the FDA said in a statement."
Leave it to a government bureaucrat: A cigarette pack has to carry a colored photo "about half their size" of erectile dysfunction. Seems like an oxymoron. By definition, ED is about half the size.
When you are a "normal guy trying to make progress with a woman and she asks for a cigarette, you are more likely to score with a bladder cancer photo.
How do you print a photo of conditions that can cause blindness? Hmmm, I remember my grandmother told me that masturbation caused blindness. At least that proves you don't have ED.
Can you imagine the time and money which will be spent on the political correctness of the ED photo? There will be a group of at least 30 people, a diverse group, of course, with no two people representing the same crybaby "victim" category.
Will the limpo be black, brown, white, tan, pink?  The color will surely offend someone. 
 Circumcised or no? That has religious overtones. This debate will go on for months. 
And we, the taxpayers, pay these bureaucrats to think this crap up. Your tax dollars at work.

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