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Msg  12479 of 12503  at  6/19/2019 6:48:15 AM  by


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Re: Morgan Stanley today...

Whoa! That is a big drop from 34m to 14m in 11 years....hope they are wrong.....
Lottsa headwinds....too many.
Tobacco already saying this Q2 is a 5% drop in volume in States. Wonder if it was higher but they "managed" it down to 5%?

It is hard to see much upside in MO/BTI, plenty of downside, not much upside? I am currently reviewing MO, will stick with PM for now, but may move out of MO on any temporary strength i.e. $53-55.

MO has been a horse to ride overtime, but as one analyst said now it's "The not so stable consumer staple".

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