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Msg  36520 of 148559  at  2/7/2007 11:47:28 AM  by

Easter Bunny

An Informed Source

Indicated that as I suspected, one can get as much NFI to short from UBS as one wants, with no vig. None. No cost to borrow the shares.

That's pretty much it for me. UBS sucks in some retail shorts, making it easy to short NFI, and then who is on the other side of that order, every time?


So the handoff is occuring, exactly as it is happening in OSTK, where big, smart money is coaxing in smaller hedge funds and retail shorts, making it simple and easy to "short this pig" by removing all obstacles, and taking the opposite side of the trade. That is how they get out of their losing short at these low prices. Make it someone else's loser short.

What happens when the borrow cost comes back, and there are no longer a hedge fund or two and some prime brokers sitting on the price - and in fact, they may have even taken the other side of the trade now and gone long?

No borrow cost from UBS, shares for free in OSTK and NFI.

Figure it out.

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