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Re: Hudson Global activity

COB/CEO of Hudson Global RPO $HSON is Jeff Eberwein also the former COB/CEO of Novation Co $NOVC. Eberwein's Form 4s tell the story at both $HSON and $NOVC at HSON at NOVC and Heartland Mutual Funds own big pieces of $HSON. Heartland Mutual Funds was the same co-investor fined by SEC for withholding material information so as to buy an attractive share price and failed to file SEC Regulation docs that showed Mr. Market and Loyal Common Shareholders they controlled a public company board SOUNDS LIKE WHAT THEY HAVE DONE AT $NOVC OTCBB Novation Companies Inc.
More important than these Form 4s filed by Jeff Eberwein, Chuck Gillman, Robert Pearse is their PACT or DEAL or Quid Pro Quo understanding with $NOVC Board of Directors Chairman Barry Igdaloff and Howard Amster and their other co-investors MassMutual sub Barings aka Babson Capital, White Mountains Capital $WTM, Jefferies $JEF and of course Note Holders Fortress/EJF Capital ID hidden by CDOs Taberna CDO I and II/Kodiak CDO I. Importantly Gillman, Igdlaoff, Amster and Eberwein had a deal with their designates appointed 2017 to $NOVC Board after their SEC fines 2017 (David Pointer, Board, CoB, Tim Eriksen and Lee Keddie).
This DEAL or understanding must be the EXACT SAME presented to Goldman Sachs, David Dreman if Dreman Value Mgt, Blackrock, and other EXPERT INVESTORS as defined by SEC Rule 15c(2)-11 SEE What information has been presented by $NOVC Board Barry Igdaloff, and Howard Amster to these new $NOVC common shareholders? I am sure it is the EXACT SAME used above.
It is my guess based on betrayal, years of research, and analysis that $NOVC will split into 2 tax-free companies 1st tax-exempt MREIT monetizing CCR cleanup call rights see Exhibit 2.1 of 10Q filed at SEC for Q3 2007 (Exhibit 2.1 clearly defines these rights in the document "Service Rights Transfer Agreement SRTA" or P&S for sale of MSR from $NOVC sub $NFI x NYSE MREIT and Saxon Capital $SAX sold to Morgan Stanley. Section 5.04 which allowed only $NOVC to hold these CCR rights that control the future use of billions of rich, seasoned collateral assets, ideal to be leveraged and securitized into an MREIT Dividend. Do the math. The second would be the merger of $NOVC only operating unit $50M est Revenue HCS with Hudson Global $HSON providing logic for the AGGRESSIVE Form 4s file at both $HSON and $NOVC by JEFF EBERWEIN former Soros Investments, Viking Global Mgt. NOVC shareholder value has thus been manipulated by distorting GAAP 10Ks audited and certified by and primarily by using BOGUS Sr Debt used as a ruse to buy time and take at least 41% of common equity. 
In fact, we have seen how protective Gillman, Eberwein's designates are about holding onto the Millions of $NOVC RSU restricted stock units common shares taken by converting some of their NOVC Board compensation into common at their engineered share price to pennies. Gillman, Eberwein, Igdaloff, Amster, and Pearse all pocket their piece of the 16M RSUs restricted stock units $NOVC common taken at pennies by converting some of the Board compensation at their engineered share price. 2017 after Gillman, and Eberwein was fined hundreds of thousands by SEC they appointed David Pointer 4M, Lee Keddie 1.33M and Tim Eriksen 1.33M. These 3 had an understanding a QUid Pro Quo for sitting on the $NOVC Board and it is tied to the 6.67M $NOVC common taken for FREE. IMO these Board Members of $NOVC took Board Compensation in cash and in 10% of $NOVC common shares outstanding est 16M NOVC common shares under false pretenses.
They protect these spoils because they like those buying off Rule 15c2-11 have the truth from $NOVC Board and or supporting actors the Board co-investors. This is nothing short of insider information. breaching SEC Rule 10B5-1.
These Board Members Chairman Barry Igdaloff and Howard Amster made a promise to $NOVC shareholders back in 2015 which they breached and they know they breached their fiduciary duty to shareholder value. They drove share price to sub pennies via FUD including the exploitation of SEC Rule 15c(2)-11 while at the same time taking 16M 10% of all $NOVC common shares outstanding dilute.
Maybe common shareholders outside the investment huddle should be pleased NOVC Board Igdaloff, Amster have only given Sr Debt Holders Wesley Edens, Fortress and Manny Friedman, EJF Capital more than $11M Cash & 31.3M 27% Common Shares at sub-penny prices for no consideration not cram down?
Maybe we should be glad Joel Sher the Partner of Shapiro Sher (NOVC Shareholders Ch 11 Law Firm that was engaged to protect $NOVC Shareholder interests) that approved of this inside job was not given shares in addition to their massive professional fees?
Did Richard Rector ex CEO of $NOVC only operating unit deserve almost 1M RSUs? Would $NOVC shareholders be better off having a piece of $NOVC aka HCS/$HSON? If the combined entity doing a quarter of a billion revenue can monetize the $730M NOLs most would agree YES.
IMO NO way will Eberwein, and Gillman be allowed to go against their PACT/DEAL with Barry Igdaloff and Howard Amster because they would be going against Jefferies, MassMutual, Barings, Fortress aka Softbank, EJF Capital aka White Mountains Capital $WTM. They would be screwing co-investors adding $NOVC common under RULE 15c(2)-11 that like Goldman Sachs, David Dreman accumulated 533K $NOVC common off no news via Dreman Value Mgt. Just like ex-Goldman Sachs CEO and Secy of Treasury of the United States of America Hank Paulson crushed Lehman Bros and Bear Stearns for not helping out at LTCM John Merriweather Credit Meltdown these investors have long memories. ex Goldman Sachs Sr Partner Peter Briger, Co CEO and COB of Fortress was left out of the domino trade huddle between Goldman Sachs and their HF like Soros and Viking Global and 
Jeff Eberwein via HF Lone Star Value Mgt Bought 30K $NOVC common every day for six months after taking control of $NOVC Board with Barry Igdaloff, Howard Amster and his cohorts Chuck Gillman and Robert Pearse. Recruiting Process Outsourcing a part of BPO Sector is owned by Jeff Eberwein and his clan including David Pointer, Chuck Gillman. His Form 4s make his intentions very clear !! 

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