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Re: Boulay signs off features White Mountains Capital $WTM which owns 10M Novation Co $NOVC common shares behind EJF Capital with MassMutual & Sub Barings formerly Babson Capital own 19.3M $NOVC common per 10K, Fortress/EJF Capital aka Softbank and White Mountains Capital $WTM own 31.3M $NOVC common 27% and ALSO the only Sr Debt that has been paid all their back interest est $11M including $6.3M inside Ch 11. Fortress/EJF Capital hide their IDs behind CDOs Taberna I & II/Kodiak CDO I which they paid almost no cash to own via CDO Service Rights. Barchart see WTM

Recently expert investors have been buying $NOVC Common Shares at sub-penny share price off NO NEWS, NO SEC Filings No Retail Bid/Ask courtesy of NOVC Board which has exploited SEC Rule 15c(2)-11. IMO this Rule breaches shareholder rights and the law SEC Act of 1934 see new positions added at

This is happening in my opinion because $NOVC Board of Directors has exploited SEC Rule 15c(2)-11 which allows ONLY expert investors (HF that file 13F) to BUY $NOVC common including Goldman Sachs 360K, Blackrock 260K BofA 676K, Putnam Investments 333K, Bridges Investment Mgt & Dreman Value Mgt 533K shares (The Great Value Investor David Dreman, Author of Contrarian Investment Strategies Edition one and two). They have bought millions of $NOVC shares at sub-penny stock prices, off NO RETAIL News NO retail Bid/Ask since NOVC Board triggered SEC Rule 15c2-11

My research shows $NOVC Board has been working with MassMutual sub-Barings, Jefferies (owns 20M NOVC Common per 13D filing 6/23/2011), and Softbank 100% own sub-Fortress & White Mountains Capital $WTM which owns

These investors own 100% of Novation Co OTCBB $NOVC common & the only Sr Debt to exit Ch 11 already paid $11m Cash, $6.3M inside Ch 11. Obviously, the only Sr Debt can be erased in seconds. I introduced Frank Bazos, ex-VP M&A at White Mountains Capital (now Special Advisor to $WTM) to the X CEO of $NOVC. $NOVC is now owned by White Mountains Capital via their investment in EJF Capital 2019 (the year Bazos joined WTM as VP M&A). Bazos via $WTM owns 80% of $NOVC common 91M 80% of 116M Shares Outstanding. I and a few privates own 25M $NOVC common shares. Plus Jefferies $JEF 20M is not counted in the 91M 80% per 13D 6/23/2011. Now expert investors some related to the Board are able to BUY $NOVC Novation Co Inc. off no retail news thanks to SEC Rule 15c2-11

Why and what are their future intentions? I believe Fortress Co CEOs Wesley Edens, Peter Briger with Partners Co CEOs EJF Capital Manny Friedman, Neal Wilson $NOVC only Debt Holders & NOVC largest Common Equity Holders 31.3M 26% of all shares (hidden behind CDOs that paid almost nothing to own) in concert with Mass Mutual & Barings 20M and Jefferies that own 20M $NOVC common and NOVC Board owns at least 40M 35% of 116M Common Shares Outstanding will split off $NOVC prior tax exempt MREIT Novastar Financial Inc. (newname) which traded on NYSE as $NFI & monetize rights that control billions of rich, seasoned collateral assets ideal to be leveraged/securitized into a new MREIT Dividend. The remaining entity HCS est $55M Revenue will most likely be merged with Hudson Global RPO Recruiting Process Outsourcer aka Staffing $210M Revenue creating a quarter of a billions public company tax free thanks to NOVC $730M NOLs. It is possible the MREIT and HCS/NOVC’s HCS are both worth 10 to $30 per share plus dividends. Barry Igdaloff and his family and Rose Capital HF would turn a million worth of PS Series C stock 10M $NOVC common, most camouflaged into $600M Capital over 2 different public companies both tax free plus dividends. This is just what Barry Igdaloff and Howard Amter, Thomas Akin his pals Todd Emoff did at Dynex Capital NYSE $DX with Wesley R. Edens Co CEO of Fortress. 

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